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More and more electric cars are rolling along the roads, and they already have a market share of just under 14 percent. Their tires differ from those of conventional passenger cars due to different torque and rolling resistance requirements - accessories such as mounting pastes and creams must be adapted accordingly. As an internationally renowned manufacturer of tire repair materials, PREMA has adapted to the growing target group of e-mobilists and expanded its range of pastes, creams and lubricants for tire mounting and dismounting. This means that it is now easier to fit tires on e-vehicles without damage and with the least amount of force. PREMA has now further developed its mounting paste PHPP-Blue S/E especially for mounting UHP / extremely wide tires and the tires of e-vehicles. The lubricant facilitates tire mounting with all mounting tools and thus helps to avoid mounting damage, which can be expensive. Like all PREMA pastes, PHPP-Blue S/E behaves in a chemically neutral way towards rubber and metal and therefore offers the best possible protection for rim and tire.

PREMA’s own in-house development unit offers users the quality they have come to expect from the Fürstenzell-based manufacturer: The paste increases lubricity in the initial phase, is very spin-resistant and dries quickly. To prevent tire migration, the fast and reliable frictional connection between tire and rim is extremely important in the high-performance sector and in e-vehicles, due to the high torques. For this reason, PREMA recommends its product PHPP-Blue S/E especially when changing the tires of high-torque vehicles and electric cars. It eliminates the need for an additional mounting lubricant for this type of vehicle.